Find nearest enrolment center – How to find Aadhar Card enrolment center


If you want to enroll for aadhar card then, you have to visit your nearest enrolment center. But the problem is How will you find this aadhar center? Don’t worry! I will definitely help you with this.

You can update your aadhar card by visiting the enrolment center. Change in Name, Address, Gender, Email Id, Mobile No. can be done by visiting your nearest Enrolment center. You can also visit your nearest enrolment center for aadhar related other queries.

What is Aadhar?

Aadhar is  12 Digits unique identification number, which can be used for your identity purposes. Aadhar card can be used for different purposes like bank subsidy, Pradahanmantri awas yojana, Gas subsidy, as an Identity in the bus, Railway and in other such different places. More than 90% of the citizen use aadhar card as an identity in India.

If you Don’t have this Document called aadhar card, then register for it as soon as possible. It will help you a lot.

How to Find Enrolment center near me?

To find enrolment center near you follow this steps:

  1. Visit the UIDAI official portal.
  2. Click on “Locate an enrolment center” in the “Get aadhar” section. OR Click here: card enrolment center
  3. You will see three option to find an Enrolment center near you. Search By, a). State, b). Postal (PIN) Code and c). Search Boxaadhar-card-enrolment-center
  4. Select one of these three option, which is suitable for you.
  5. In the search by State option, you have to enter your State, District, Subdistrict and Village/ town/city. Verify the Captcha and Click on “Locate a centre” Button.Aadhar card enrolment center
  6. The Second option is Search by Postal/PIN code option. This option is recommended by me because in this you have to just enter your Postal or pin code. Verify the captcha code and the aadhar enrolment centers in your village/city/Town will display on the screen of your mobile/laptop. This is a very easy option to find your enrolment center.aadhar-card-enrolmrnt
  7. In the search box option to find your enrolment center, you have to just enter your locality name, district or city in the search box and aadhar enrolment center will display on the screen. This option is also a very simple option.aadhar-card-enrolmrnt center
So, by these methods, you can find enrolment centers near you.

How to Apply/Register for an aadhar card?

The registration process of aadhar card is simple. You have to download aadhar card enrolment form online, print the form and fill the details properly in the form as per proof. example: write the address as per address proof.

Submit the form along with documents to your nearest aadhar card enrolment center OR Visit aadhar enrolment center directly. They will provide you form. Fill the form and submit it along with proper documents.

You can change/correct the details of the form within 96 hours after submitting the form.

 How to Check Aadhaar card status by Name ?

By this method, you can find the enrolment center near you and can register for an aadhar card.

how to find-aadhar card enrolment center near you
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how to find-aadhar card enrolment center near you
You will see three option to find an Enrolment center near you. Search By, a). State, b). Postal (PIN) Code and c). Search Box
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