How to Remove PDF password online for free?


Are you tired from typing the password to open protected PDF every time?

Don’t worry!

Today, I will help you to open that PDF without a password. I will help you to remove password from password.

Some PDFs are encrypted with a password. You will need to type the password to open the PDF every time. It’s a very inconvenient step to type a password to open the PDF every time.

So, It’s discerning that you remove password from your PDF for your better convenience and move that PDF to a secure location.

There are many ways to remove the password from PDF. In fact, there are many tools also to remove password from PDF online.

Tools to remove PDF password

You will find many tools, which removes the PDF password online. Some tools from that, I have described here.

  1. online2pdf
  2. pdf24
  4. sodapdf
  5. ilovepdf
  6. smallpdf
  7. hipdf
  8. pdf2go
  9. smallseotools
  10. sejda

You can easily remove password from pdf using these tools.

How to remove the password by these tools?

To remove password from pdf you have to follow these steps:

  1. You have to select the file which you want to unlock in this tool.
  2. Click on “Convert” button.
  3. Enter the right password and you will get the pdf which is unprotected.

By following these steps you can remove the password from pdf file very easily.

Remove Pdf password by Adobe Acrobat

You can also remove the password by adobe acrobat pro, which is paid application. Adobe Acrobat offers a one-week free trial also and it’s completely different from free application Adobe Acrobat reader.

How to remove the password by Adobe Acrobat Pro?

  1. Open the pdf in adobe acrobat pro and type the password to view it.
  2. Click on the lock icon at the left window and click to “permission details”.remove-password-from-pdf
  3. Click on the “Security Method” box, select “No Security”, and click “OK” to remove the password.remove-password-from-pdf
  4. Then, click file > save to save the pdf OR close the adobe acrobat, one pop-up window will open to save your changes. Just click Yes. remove-password-from-pdf

Now, the password from the pdf has been removed.

Remove Password via Chrome

This is the easiest method to remove pdf password. mostly, Every pc has this browser, which is launched officially by google.

To remove password via chrome you have to follow these steps:

  1. Open Chrome browser and an open a new tab in it.
  2. Drag and drop the password-protected PDF file in your Google Chrome browser.REMOVE-PDF-PASSWORD
  3. Now, the browser will ask you to enter the password. Type the correct password of the PDF and press Enter.
  4. Then, click on the download icon which is the second icon present at right side upper corner. Then, click on Save. REMOVE-PDF-PASSWORD
  5. OR click on the print icon which is the third icon at an upper right corner or press Ctrl+P and click on Save.

This is the most favored method as you can remove the password without any tool by chrome browser.

Print the pdf

You can print the pdf as this is a very convenient trick to remove the password.

You can’t print the pdf if it has any restrictions. (Printing restrictions can be removed by adobe acrobat pro) But many PDFs are just password-protected and doesn’t have any printing restrictions.


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